Monday, April 16, 2007

He's so possessive

Now I understand what possessiveness is.

My niece has come to stay with us for her summer vacation. Krish is used to having all attention to himself. Not really accustomed to sharing his Grandpa and Grandma with anybody else.

So the minute my niece sits close to her grandparents, this little guy is extremely agitated and after her, pulling her hair and generally pushing her out of the way.

Pretty funny expressions are seen at that time too… :)

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zac said...

A proper degree of spoiling and fawning is necessary for a child to develop self-confidence later in life.

Children who are denied everything in life will often turn out to be diffident and insecure.

Excessive spoiling will only transform a child into an arrogant and demanding young person who thinks the world exists to serve him.